Journey Segments

Proactive Journey Engagement Segments

To be proactive, you need to understand each customer’s past end to end journey and segment them accordingly.

To help tell the story of how the Proactive Customer Engagement segmentation helps identify and prioritise customer and business activities. Let me introduce you to three characters who have experienced three different journeys.


A simple question


A challenging question


A frustrating issue

Journey Reporting

To be able to measure and ultimately proactively manage each of the above customer journeys. You need to be able to measure each step the customer has taken during journey. In this case the customer has only used the inbound call channel. This channel contains numerous digital moments of truth which can be reported on.

  • Queue time
  • Agent Talk time
  • Hold time
  • Abandon call
  • Transfers/Consults

Proactive Journey Segmentation

By capturing and processing the data highlighted above leveraging the dem2one model, this creates the three high level Proactive customer engagement segments.

Omni-channel integration

Although the content highlighted above focuses on Inbound calls only, the dem2one approach is easily extended across a omni-channel environment. Which allows an organisation to proactively manage each channel in its own right, as well as being able to holistically manage a customer's engagement across multiple channels.