Offers & Actions

Leveraging the Red, Amber and Green Proactive Customer Journey segments, enables an organisation to identify and prioritise two key areas;

1. Customer offers

  • Next Best Offer - Cross-sell or Up-Sell offer
  • Next Best Action - Relating to service action

2. Business actions

  • People, Process & System
  • Identification & prioritisation of root cause detail to drive continuous improvement

1. Customer - Next Best Offers

As the segmentation has reported on each and every journey a customer has made, this makes it easy to identify the next most timely and relevant communication.

For instance, if the customer is in the Green segment they are more likely to be open to surprise and delight or cross sell / up sell type offers.

Unlike the customers in the Red segment!

Who are far more likely to be open to Service and Churn Related offers & actions.

2. Business - change actions

The segmentation can also be leveraged in the same way to identify and prioritise business change activities.

By reviewing the Amber and Red customer segments, it will quickly identify which processes are causing pain for the customer and costing the business money to support.

Ultimately, Ensuring other customers don’t have the same poor experience in the future!